Geode Art Makes Me Sparkle!

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Sometime ago I came across an artist recreating geodes with paints, crystal, resin, Etc. And that’s what the spark of inspiration was for me. I love the inherent sparkle in the geode and the crystals. I had to make that! But I put it off and I put it off, finally the urge was too strong and here we are..I am very pleased with the outcome it has all the sparkle I wanted and maybe more. I have several other creations in line. I can’t wait to share with you. The beauty is lies in the endless color combinations, sparkle and the 3 dimensional factor. A perfect accent piece or even a main focus piece for your home, office, or wherever. It gives me so much happiness to be able to present this to you for your pleasure. Please leave a comment, like, share & shop! Love you all. Vonka!


Healing Crystals

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For example: I would pick 3-5 of them(or more-depends on an idea) , I would use a very little bit on the end of a stick and just a Tbs of resin mix it, then I would use lets say black resin and floati