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Vonka Chez | Modern Art

Hi friends! Welcome to the BLOG. Here we can keep in touch and I will explain to you about my new all of my creations, what I am thinking about (maybe that's a big subject) but in general we will present art related information. So, I am happy you are here with me and this extraordinary journey I am taking. I hope you take the time to share this information and my website with other art loving friends. You can find me on many of the social media platforms and I am expanding. I hope you can share, like, comment and spread the word. It's important for artists to stay in touch with their clients and develop new clients. We don't want to be starving artists after all. And it's also great for artists to stay in touch with each other and share what we learn about art and art business so we can all grow and thrive.

As you look through my galleries and posts you will see I use different materials to capture light and I love the sparkle. Back in Poland my nickname was 'Iskierka' which is Polish for sparkle and now I am showing my sparkle through my art. Thanks so much and feel free to contact me anytime.

Reflections Inside the Bubble

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