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Black And Purple Decorative Cheeseboard

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Please check out the short video of the cheeseboard:)

This is a decorative cheese board covered with resin epoxy mixed with pigments and glitters. Pink plastic gems add a decorative aspect. Perfect for home display, or a gift. This charcuterie is specifically created for decorative use. Please do not put hot food or hot pots on the board. This board should not be used as a cutting board on the resin art part. The board is hand wash safe only. To maintain the board please use food grade mineral oils. Regular application of mineral oil will prevent cutting boards from becoming dry and brittle, which can cause a cracked board. A board that is treated with oil also prevents liquids from penetrating the board, which is often the source of germs and bacteria. This board is already covered with the oils and is ready to use. Clean the resin art part gently- do not scratch resin, hand wash only with warm water and dish soap. Wipe after washing- don't let the water drops to dry on the resin surface.
This charcuterie is perfect as a gift for any occasion, It will also bring the luxury effect to any party.
Resin used for this art is a non toxic product by Art Resin. Link to SAFETY DATA SHEET

Length 21"
Width 9 3/4"
Height 1" (without gems)

Please contact me if you have any questions.
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