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Gold Leaf Round Resin Side Table

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Vonka's Style Resin Side Table. FREE Shipping in USA. The table is created the way that it can be a side or coffee table, but it can also be displayed on an easel or hang on the wall. The hook is not included since the first function of this art is a side table, however I wanted the buyer to know there are also other options. A simple wooden easel is included. To create this geode I used my own technique of a dirty resin pour - resin that is combined with special pigments from Vonka's Magic Series, and very specific way of timing and pouring resin. The whole table contains the incredible pigments, and all together give the incredible shimmery and sparkly effect. This effect can and should be enhanced by using some candles, spot light or a small lamp at the evening time, because thats the time when the real magic comes to the surface of this table:)

I use very hard table top resin, but I would advice using some coasters, even glass and wood tables can be scratched when used heavily. Please use some protection like a cloth or cork when using any trays, lamps or candle holders. If the table gets dents from a heavy lamp, or too hot cup- simply heat up the resin with hot air from a hairdryer and the dent will disappear.

It is really difficult to capture the real look of this art, I believe that the video is closer to the true than any pictures :-)

Care instruction:

Wipe the table top with soft and wet cloth, then wipe it with a dry cloth. I like to use e-cloths. DO NOT let drops of water dry on resin surface, it will leave marks difficult to clean. If you make any dents on the resin-use warm air from a hairdryer to let the resin come back to its flat state.

The table comes with 3 hairpin metal legs. The buyer has to screw legs to the table. I mark exact spots for making easy where to attach the legs. Screws are included.

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