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Her Malachite Mood

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Vonka's style geode and ocean inspired big wall art. FREE Shipping in USA. These are 2 panels (2' x 3' each) of cradled wooden panels with contemporary resin art. Check the video of the art (for Instagram-its only available on my website)

I used my own technique of a dirty resin pour which let me to achieve the natural Malachite inspired look. I used Vonka's Magic Pigments and Glitters to bring the incredibly sparkly effect. I also used quartz points covered with colored resin and German Glass Glitter - and this is also another unique technique that I developed during my artistic journey with resin :) The stripes of resin run through the 2 canvases are filled with incredible chameleon glitter from Vonka's Magic Collection, its called Her Mood and it changes color from green to blue depending on the light or the angle of seeing the art, it just changes like the woman's mood :) The crystals and the stone patterns bring the earthy geode look, while colors give the ocean feeling, or at least this is how I see it as an artist. The Malachite part has partially 3D look. Because of using my specific pigments - which means that when the light reaches the particles in resin - it brings back exceptional sparkly effect. Because of that the art should be exposed to spotlights. Client can use their own lighting system, but I provide 2 doubled battery operated spotlights with remote control, timer and brightness adjustments that should help to light up the art at the night time.The colors might be different on different devices, the malachite part is a mix of white, green, turquoise and a few blues plus Vonka's Magic Sparkly pigments all in the dirty pour.

Please, keep in mind that due to the nature of this medium there might be tiny imperfections on the surface.

It is really difficult to capture the real look of this art, I believe that the video is closer to the real look than any pictures :-)

The glass used for this art is very sharp and should not be touched. The stones might be disconnected from the art if pushed, so please Keep out of reach of children.

Care instruction:

Clean dust on resin part with soft wet cloth and gently wipe it down. Do not clean the stones part with any duster, cloth, paper towel. If the art gets very dusty it can be sprinkled with warm water mixed with a few drops of a dish detergent, and right after that rinsed with quick shower of warm water. Allow the water to drip down and wipe very gently the resin part with a soft cloth. Pushing the cloth onto the surface might scratch the resin. Do not touch the glass part, use hair dryer with low temperature setting to dry this part( using too much heat will make the resin soft for a moment, please try not to overheat) DO NOT let drops of water dry on resin surface, it will leave marks difficult to clean. If you make any dents on the resin-use warm air from a hairdryer to let the resin come back to its flat state. Keep in mind you cannot fix resin if its scratched. The best is to shower the art at the summer time when its warm outside.

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