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Moonlight Wall Art

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Please check the short video of the art:)

This is geode inspired original resin wall art. A few layers of resin with sparkle glitters give the nice 3D effect. There are two places filled with shiny glass and plastic gems and small chips of quartz and together is covered with very sparkle tiny glass glitter shards. There is a line of incredible chameleon glitters changing the color from blue to green depending on the position to the light. It is a nice idea for wedding, birthday or Christmas gift, or it would be a pretty very decorative accent to any home or office.

Size 18" by 0.5" The Thickness with gems is about 1 2/4"
The art can be hung on the wall, lean to the wall or put on an easel. Easel is included. Art is ready to ship. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.
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