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Morning Coffee

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Beautiful dark brown/old dark with gold accent resin pigment

Comes in a plastic bag in 20 grams volume. Shipped internationally, the buyer is responsible for customs(if applicable)

Please, keep in mind that, jars presented in the main picture are used only to bring the idea of the color, not of the actual packaging.

It is a quick video of creating this geode and I wanted to share a few tips especially for using #vonkasmagicpigments with Float Copper included😉 I say very often to use my pigments carefully. Rain Forest - notice how transparent it is bc I mixed such a tiny bit of the pigment. It looks amazing with Glimmer Gold next to it. Aurora, Lost Stars and Golden Fantasy are only used for tiny lines- it's a "microscopic" amount I used for this art. I actually used the outside bottom part of the cup and applied a little amount of leftover of Deep Forest(but it can be clear resin too)- and I mixed it with these shiny pigments(separately). Golden Fantasy- I literally got a drop of resin on a toothpick and put it into the jar with the pigments and then applied it into my art. So when I say -"please, use a toothpick or a small amount of the pigment"- I mean it😉Pigments will be enough for many projects if used wisely:)

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