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Red and gold Geode Art

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Vonka's geode resin art on a wood panel (10" x 10" or 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm)

It can be used as wall art or it can be displayed on an included easel.

Please check the video of the art ( video is available only on my website/not instagram)

Size 10" x 10' x 1"

Please KEEP OUT OF RICH OF CHILDREN. The crystals can get separated and swallowed. Please DO NOT touch the crystals part, they are covered with very sharp glass shards.

Care instruction:
Dusty art can be wiped with a very soft cloth. If the stones are too dusty the art can be sprinkled with warm water mixed with a few drops of a dish detergent, and right after that rinsed with pretty strong shower of warm water. Allow the water drip down and wipe very gently the resin part with a soft cloth. Pushing the cloth onto the surface might scratch the resin. Gold lines shouldn't be pushed with the cloth, its better to put the cloth on the top and let the water to be absorbed. Do not touch the gems part, use hair dryer with low temperature setting to dry this part( using too much heat will make the resin soft for a moment, please try not to overheat) DO NOT let drops of water dry on resin surface, it will leave marks difficult to clean. If you make any dents on the resin-use warm air from a hairdryer to let the resin come back to its flat state.
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