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Vonka's Geode Dusty Pink Wall Art

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Vonka's geode dusty pink rose quartz wall art. Please check the video of the art. Note for Instagram- video is visible only on my website

I created this geode wall art from the scratch :) The color is really difficult to capture, I hope that the video can be more helpful. Basically it is a mix of 3 shades of dusty pink and white. I used Rose Quartz stones, gold leaf on the edges. Under some conditions the art can be used as a table for jewelry display or another display ideas. If you are interested in that please contact me to discuss more details.

The glass used for this art is very sharp and cannot be touched. The stones might be disconnected from the art if pushed, so please Keep out of reach of children.


37" x 22"


I will pick my choice of shipping company to be able to minimize the cost of the shipping. Please, let me know if you want to speed the delivery up, client will have to pay any extra cost for that shipping.

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