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Vonka Chez

 I create my style of modern art at my home based studio in the happy town of  Yardley, PA bordering on the Delaware River. My art and photography is created with a sense of magic, healing, & whimsy.   And everyone loves a little whimsy!  In my photography work I use macro lenses and love to capture the fantastic images up close bending the light so as to reveal the magic in small worlds. In my paintings I use a variety of techniques inspired by nature and nature's own healing powers. I will sometimes paint in abstract using acrylics, or mixed medias, sometimes I will formulate beautiful color patterns and pour my creations, and in many of my original pieces I am using resin based materials along with natural materials to create: 

'Art with Consciousness'

In order to elevate the higher frequencies and vibrations while enjoying my creations in your home, office or wherever  to achieve a sense of well being.


Thank You

With love!

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