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GLIMMER VIOLET comes in 20 GRAM plastic bag. Price 13.99 $ plus tax and shipping

Please, keep in mind that, jars presented in the main picture are used only to bring the idea of the color, not of the actual packaging.

If you read this on Instagram Vonka's Store please click "View on website" to see the video

Please check the video of the pigment and read carefully the description below:)

NOTE: This introduction will be added to all of the pigments in the Vonka's Magic Series. After reading this one just feel free to skip this part right to the "DESCRIPTION" below when checking other pigments in the series :)

These color shift chameleon pigments are extremely difficult to capture that is why I am asking for not judging the color and the structure/texture of the pigments based on the main picture. The color changes depending on the position towards the light or combination with other pigments. Real fun starts when the pigments are mixed with resin and applied to the art in certain ways.

I spent many hours working with these pigments looking for my artistic ways to express my love for Quantum Physics. I am a scientist of my own body and soul by applying quantum laws in my life and my daily meditations. As I was discovering the Magic of my own transformation these pigments magically helped me illuminating my inner experiences with energies and my growing love for life in my art. My triptych about my "Quantum Journey" that Ive been working on for months will be finished soon and more about my story will be in my blog soon.

There are many ways of using these pigments, combining them with clear or colored resin, combining them together through dirty pours, creating many effects in many different ways. I, for sure, haven't discovered all of the ways and I cannot wait to see what other artists can create with them. The best way for me to show what the pigments can do is presenting them in my art.

Each listing will have a short video of the pigments- I believe this is the closest I can get to show what they really are.

Let's grow together and share ideas of using them. If you want please tag your posts with #vonkasmagic #vonkachezmagic and/or #vonkachezmagicpigments and this way we can be connected to see all kinds of ideas created with these pigments. The pigments are very rich, powerful and a tiny bit goes a long way. These are not just mica pigments (its not that I don't admire micas- I absolutely do and I wouldn't be able to create my art without it)- but these pigments are simply something else. :)

I hope you will be happy with the Magic Series. The pigments are sold in the very small jars packed by weight of 2 and 5 grams and a few pigments are packed by 10 grams in the plastic bags.


Glimmer Violet Pigment is a part of the Glimmer Group in Vonka's Magic Pigments Series.

Sparkly white with a violet reflection high quality shimmer pigment

These pigments are not like most of Magic pigments changing colors or being extremely sparkly. However I decided to have them in the Vonka's Magic series simply because they are inseparable part of my Magic Story. These Super Luxury Glimmer pigments are the base for most of my resin art.

Check an example of using my Glimmer Gold, Deep Forest (this one is my most favorite green for this type of art and it is available at "Premium Pigments") and a few of other pigments in this art. I will release a tutorial how to create this type of geode art soon, stay tuned.

For those who read this text on Instagram there is another video at this part of the description on my website

I get incredible effects in my geode inspired arts when GLIMMER pigments are used together with the Northern Lights, Moonlight, Aurora, Star Dust, Lost Stars, Milky Way or any of the Twinkles. I am giving you the idea of this combination as an encouragement to try them together. These combinations give super cool effects with coasters or similar art also. This is how I do it. :) Pour one of the pigments listed above around the edge of the coaster mold, then one of the Glimmers next to it randomly crossing over the first line. Then fill the center of the mold with clear resin. Of course you can add some gold flakes, glitters, stones or whatever comes to your creative mind in the middle of the mold. Torch very gently or even use a heat gun with low temperature (if you use too much heat it will stick resin to the mold and it will destroy the mold)

I personally like to make little pours on tiles before I make big projects, this way I test how the combinations of the pigments go along.

Sold in plastic bags packed in 10 GRAM volume. If you are interested in buying more than 10 grams please contact me at or DM me on Instagram at @vonka_chez and I will make it happen:)

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