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Handcrafted Geode Resin Coffee Table with Gold Leaf + Coasters | Free Shipping USA | Vonka's Exclusive Art​

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Embrace the elegance of Vonka's style handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Geode Black and Gold Coffee Table and a Set of 6 matching coasters, . Experience luxury with a piece that's more than just furniture—it's a conversation starter -- with free shipping in the USA.

It's a formidable task to encapsulate the true essence of this art through mere photographs; a video lends itself to a truer representation, capturing the vibrancy and depth more accurately.

The journey of crafting this table was one from concept to reality, initiated by designing its unique shape, followed by precise woodcutting, and the intricate process of layering resin. This was not a simple endeavor. It involved overcoming numerous challenges and setbacks, requiring a start from scratch on several occasions. The culmination of this extensive process is an original coffee table, showcased in a video that does justice to its distinctive character.

Before embedding the resin, I painted a self-portrait on the wood, infusing the piece with a personal touch. This subtle inclusion means that with every cup of coffee, there's a sense of shared company, a piece of my heart within the art, inviting a moment of connection.

This table's design is multifaceted; while primarily a coffee table, it is also adaptable for display on an easel or as a wall hanging. Though easel and hook are not provided, they remain as additional display options. The table stands on four elegant hairpin legs finished in black metal, with the option for customization to gold upon request.

I am the inventor of this particular style of resin 'dirty pour,' a self-developed technique that involves mixing my special 'Magic Pigments' and manipulating the resin at the edge of curing. This meticulous process has birthed an extraordinary, shimmering effect, filled with mesmerizing pigments and Rose Gold glitter. Please note that the radiant sparkle seen in the video is enhanced by targeted lighting. To fully experience the table's dynamic beauty, ambient lighting such as candles or soft lamps is recommended, especially in the evening when the true magic of the table's surface comes alive.


Table - H: 16" L: 37" W: 22

6 Coasters 4" x 4"

Care instruction:

Resin is a durable material but it is susceptible to scratches. To maintain the pristine condition of your table, we recommend the use of the provided coasters, which have been designed to complement your piece. For additional protection, place a soft cloth or cork mat under any objects such as trays, lamps, or candle holders that rest on the surface. If the resin get scratched - applying a high-quality plastic cleaner can help to minimize its appearance. Should your table or coasters suffer any indentations from heavy objects or excessive heat, a gentle application of hot air from a hairdryer will cause the resin to become malleable, allowing the dent to be smoothed out.

Cleaning Procedure:

To clean the tabletop, begin by wiping with a damp, soft cloth to remove any debris or spills. Follow with a gentle dry polish using a microfiber cloth, such as an e-cloth, to prevent water spots and maintain the table's luster. Avoid allowing water to sit and dry on the surface as this can make cleaning more challenging.

Shipping Information:

We strive to offer the most cost-effective shipping options without compromising on the safety and timely delivery of your order. Should you require expedited shipping, please inform us promptly after purchase. Note that additional charges will apply for accelerated delivery services.

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