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Ocean Boost

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This Ocean Boost sparkly glitter is perfect enhance for ocean art, ocean coasters, geode inspired art. It should be added to the clear resin or resin mixed with translucent pigment. It will give a tiny green sparkle:) If you use the glitter in the final coat and later there is a need to do another clear coat to fix some irregularities - don't use any more of the Ocean Boost Glitter if you are happy with the effect already. This glitter is beautiful when only tiny bit of it is used, other wise it will overwhelm your art by looking " TOO MUCH ". It is very important to use only very small amount of this glitter and a toothpick will be very helpful. I made many projects with this glitter and haven't used more than 1 gram of it :)

Sold in a small container by 2 grams volume and if used properly it will be enough for many projects.

Shipped internationally. If applicable, the buyer is responsible for customs fees.

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