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Vonka's Galaxy Coffee Table With 5 Matching Coasters

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Vonka's Galaxy Resin Coffee Table. FREE Shipping in USA. Please check the video below. To create this table I use my Magic Pigments and glitters, and all together give the incredibly shimmery and sparkly effect. Please be aware that the super sparkly effect of the pigments in the art that is shown in the video was achieved by using another source of light(my phone's flash) other than the day light. This effect can and should be enhanced by using some candles, spot lights or a small lamp at the evening time, because thats the time when the real magic comes to the surface of this table:)

Please be aware that resin can be scratched. Please use some protection like a cloth or cork when using any trays, lamps or candle holders. Scratches cannot be fixed, however wiping the table with plastic cleaner can help. If the table gets dents from heavy lamp, or too hot cup- simply heat up the resin with hot air from a hairdryer and the dent will disappear.

Care instruction:

Wipe the table top with a soft wet cloth, then wipe it with a dry cloth. I like to use e-cloths. Please do not let drops of water dry on the surface, it might be a little hard to clean.

Please DO NOT SEAT OR STAND ON the table.


Height 17"

Diameter 24"

5 Coasters 5" diameter

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