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Whimsy, Sparkle, Happy,Love!

We all get wrapped up in the drama and trauma of daily life. I find when I get in my creation mode I disappear from all those troubling day to day thoughts. I create my art so people and myself have respite from all the noise that's going on 24/7. When I am creating I let my mind wander to different places and different times. When I am painting I let the colors and the sparkles take me to those happy places. When I am taking photos I let the subject and the light take me there. I want to translate those feelings of whimsy, sparkle, happy, love through my work. I love the creation process. Sometimes when I am feeling down and not so happy! (We all get that way) I go down to my studio and I look at all the sparkling gems and I look at the different color pigments and I meditate on it and I start my process. It is very free form and intuitive process. And starts to happen.

I am so happy that so many of you are enjoying my work. Thank you and please feel free to contact me, like, share, comment!

Love you


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