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Deep Forest is a part of Vonka's Magic Pigments. Sold in 5 GRAMS volumes. Price $7.99(USD) plus taxes and shipping

Deep Forest is a premium quality pigment. I am in love with this shimmery with sparkly hint of gold pigment. My favorite use in geode art and coasters is when it is applied together with my Glimmer Gold and some white paste and gold floating to the top and a tiny accent of Magic pigments like Northern Light, Moonlight, Aurora, Star Dust, Lost Stars , Milky Way or any of the Twinkles. Depending on the amount mixed to the resin it can be very dark or ver light.

See the video of this amazing pigment below

Sold in 5 GRAMS jars, please contact me if you are interested in getting more ,however for my style of art 5 grams is a lot!

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