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Glass Sparkly Glitter

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The most sparkly twinkling glass glitter for geode art, sparkly art, Christmas ornaments, wedding decorations and more! Sold in a plastic bag by 50 GRAMS volume. Shipped internationally, the buyer is responsible for taxes and duties if applicable.

I personally use this glass glitter in me geode and abstract resin art. I also invented the idea of applying this glitter on quartz crystal points. It can change the look of the crystals tremendously, please see the video to see what this glitter can really do.

This glitter is real glass, it is sharp and it can hurt. Please use gloves when applying this glitter. Parts of art that contains the glitter should not be touched. It means it cannot be used on geode tables, trays, trinkets, etc.

WARNING! The glitter and the art with it MUST be kept out of reach of children and animals, touching or swallowing it can cause serious injuries.


Let the resin thicken on your glass/crystals part of your art, and then gently sprinkle it over the crystals. Thicker resin will hold the shards in many different positions which will help with the sparkly effects.

My prefered way of enhancing my crystals is this:

After resin is thicker between/and on my crystals, I gently sprinkle it with one of my glitters - Rose Gold or Ocean Boost. Rose Gold goes well with red, pink, yellow, brown or black gems. Ocean Boost is good for blues, greens, also some yellow gems. Very small amount is needed. Then I add tiny bit of my glitter called Her Mood - such an incredible effect - but the less is used the better ;) If I want to stay with white and silver tone of my art or the crystals, I use my Silver Line glitter. At the end I add the Glass Sparkly Glitter. Nothing is going to make your art more sparkly:)

To apply it on the quartz point - resin has to be extremely thick, almost curing. Apply resin on the crystal and sprinkle the shards on it. Place the crystals in the prepared holders ( I use wrinkled aluminium foil or styrofoam) and let it dry. If resin is too thin - I use a toothpick and correct the parts going down. Its a long process, but worth it. Resin for this should be colored with only translusent pigments. I love to add my Star Dust for red and pink pigments or Twinkle Blue, Twinkle Green - for blue or green pigments.

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